Your Photoshoot Forecast

Fortunately, the East Bay Area has pretty great weather! Of course, while I can’t predict the weather on your photoshoot day, it’s typically decently warm and sunny most months out of the year. So, what if the weather isn’t hot and sunny? I promise I have you covered! The overcast photoshoot I LOVE overcast days during a family or maternity photoshoot. Please do not shy away from your scheduled shoot because it’s overcast. Some of my favorite sessions have been on days when the clouds are fierce and gray. Heavy cloud coverage adds a nice dramatic touch to your photos,


Afternoon vs Sunset Lighting

This is a very popular topic for all of my clients, especially my mamas! I tend to get a lot of moms nervous about the time of their sunset photoshoot and how it coincides with their children’s schedules. Typically, in the Bay Area, I schedule sessions an hour before sunset, but I am comfortable scheduling a well-before sunset session too. I don’t want to get overly technical on you, but let’s chat about lighting a bit. The sunset session Do you like that delicious warm glow in photos? Yup, that’s golden hour, aka sunset! If you are DYING to get


The Styling Process

Styling is an important part of your family and maternity photoshoots, but it certainly isn’t the most important aspect. Capturing your family’s connection is my first priority, but cohesive styling can certainly bring extra magic to your images! The styling experience may vary depending on what package you book, but I will do my very best to break down my complete package process for you. The questionnaire During the process of preparing for the shoot, I send out a questionnaire to every client, where I ask if they would like assistance with styling, and 99% of my clients select “yes.”



I’m Christina, a lifestyle, maternity, and family photographer in the East Bay Area. As your photographer, my goal is to document your family’s REAL story and honest emotions. I want to capture genuine smiles, silly laughter, and even those sassy moments that your toddler might have! If you are searching for a heavily posed session, I’m not your person. If you want to have fun, possibly rock out to some music, and have a stress-free session, I am most definitely your person!