Truckee, California Couple’s Photoshoot

When: Sunset in February 

Where: Truckee, California

Styling: Winter photoshoots in Truckee, California can be challenging, especially when the weather is cold and snowy. But for Lisa and Estevan’s couples photoshoot, we wanted to make sure they were warm and comfortable without sacrificing style. That’s why we focused on neutral cozy winter attire for this shoot.

When it comes to winter photoshoots, it’s important to dress in layers to stay warm. We opted for cozy sweaters and thick jackets not only kept the couple warm but also added texture and depth to the photos. Neutral colors like beige, grey, and cream are great choices for winter photoshoots as they blend in perfectly with the snowy backdrop.

The overall look was cohesive, yet each person’s outfit had its own unique touch.

In conclusion, by selecting clothing with texture and depth, we were able to create a cozy and romantic feel in the photos. Lisa and Estevan’s Truckee California couple’s photoshoot was a success, thanks to their stylish and warm winter attire.

During the Session: Lisa and Estevan were truly amazing clients to work with. From the very beginning, they were enthusiastic and excited to be in front of the camera, which made the entire process enjoyable for everyone involved. They had a clear vision of what they wanted for their winter couples photoshoot in Truckee, California, and were open to creative suggestions.

During the shoot, Lisa and Estevan were comfortable being themselves and had a blast posing for the camera. They were not afraid to be playful, which added a touch of fun and energy to the photos. Their chemistry and love for each other were palpable, making it easy to capture candid and natural moments between them.

As a photographer, it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who are willing to take risks and experiment with different poses and settings. Lisa and Estevan were no exception; they trusted my creative vision and were eager to try new things. 

In conclusion, Lisa and Estevan were wonderful clients who made the photoshoot a memorable experience for everyone involved. Their willingness to be creative and their genuine excitement to be in front of the camera made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them, and I am thrilled with the final result of their winter couples photoshoot in Truckee, California.


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