Reno, Nevada Family Photoshoot

When: Mid-day in April

Where: Reno, Nevada

StylingMelody had booked The Complete Story package, which meant we had plenty of time to capture various outfits and create a diverse set of images. To add a touch of variety to the photos, Melody utilized two dresses from my client closet, showcasing her unique style and allowing for different looks throughout the session.

As we started the photoshoot, there was still a hint of chilliness in the air. Melody’s baby wore a cozy knitted onesie, keeping him comfortable and snug. It added an adorable touch to the early moments of the session, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for the whole family.

With time, the temperature began to rise, and Melody took this opportunity to switch outfits and capture a summer-inspired look. The change in attire added a vibrant and joyful element to the session, perfectly reflecting the transition from the cooler weather to the warmth of the approaching summer season.

Throughout the hour and ten minutes, we spent together, I was able to document the most amazing memories for Melody’s family, and she rocked her outfits!

During the Session: Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Melody and her family in Reno, Nevada. Despite the mid-day timing, we managed to create stunning family photos that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The family had rented an exquisite Airbnb in Reno, Nevada, which served as our picturesque backdrop for the session. With both the interior and exterior of the home at our disposal, it was an unforgettable experience.

Mid-day photography is often considered challenging due to harsh lighting conditions. However, I was determined to overcome this obstacle and capture the essence of Melody’s family in the best possible way. One of the joys of photography lies in the ability to think outside the box and explore unconventional approaches. With the mid-day sun overhead, I utilized various techniques to achieve stunning results. By carefully selecting locations both inside and outside the Airbnb, I ensured that each shot showcased the family’s unique bond and individual personalities.

The Airbnb’s interior provided a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing those heartwarming moments. Natural light poured through the windows, illuminating the family as they danced, played, and shared special memories.

This photoshoot was truly one for the books!


I’m Christina, a lifestyle, maternity, and family photographer in the East Bay Area. As your photographer, my goal is to document your family’s REAL story and honest emotions. I want to capture genuine smiles, silly laughter, and even those sassy moments that your toddler might have! If you are searching for a heavily posed session, I’m not your person. If you want to have fun, possibly rock out to some music, and have a stress-free session, I am most definitely your person!