Mid-Day Photoshoots


“Sunset is too late for my kids. Can we schedule our session earlier?”

I get this question a lot during the summer months, as do many other photographers I know! My priority is to ensure that families get their photos taken regardless of the time of day. Although, if I must be honest, 99.99% of babies/toddlers are amazing during their late evening photoshoots. 

While sunset sessions offer a magical ambiance, so do mid-day photoshoots, but I want you to know the following:

1. EDITING STYLE: Mid-day sessions present unique lighting challenges, which means my editing is different than a sunset photoshoot. My editing is noticeably different, so I make sure you are very aware! 

2. IMPORTANCE OF SHADE: During mid-day shoots, the harsh sunlight can create unflattering shadows and cause squinting. Incorporating shaded areas allows me to minimize these issues and provide a more comfortable environment for my families.

3. ATTENTION TO POSING & POSITIONING: I am pickier about positioning and posing my familIies in harsh light. If families are not positioned correctly, those unflattering shadows will present themselves! It can be challenging posing toddlers, which is why I always require some form of shade for mid-day sessions.

So, yes, I will schedule your session earlier, but you must be ok with everything I listed above! 

Please check out the gallery below to see what a mid-day session looks like.


I’m Christina, a lifestyle, maternity, and family photographer in the East Bay Area. As your photographer, my goal is to document your family’s REAL story and honest emotions. I want to capture genuine smiles, silly laughter, and even those sassy moments that your toddler might have! If you are searching for a heavily posed session, I’m not your person. If you want to have fun, possibly rock out to some music, and have a stress-free session, I am most definitely your person!