Martinez, California Maternity Photoshoot

When: Sunset in April

Where: Martinez, California

StylingChristina, a radiant mama-to-be, chose to wear a red rental dress, and jeans with an open belly!

When maternity mamas like Christina choose to embrace open-belly maternity shots, they inspire and empower other expectant mothers who may be hesitant or self-conscious about their changing bodies. By showing that it’s okay to embrace and celebrate their beautiful bumps, they foster a sense of self-acceptance, body positivity, and love for all women navigating the journey of motherhood.

lastly, I made sure Christina’s daughter was dressed worm because the evening can still be quite chilly during spring. Her daughter’s dress is from Rylee and Cru, and her sweater is from Amazon!

During the Session: In my journey as a photographer, I have had the privilege of witnessing countless beautiful moments, but some sessions hold a special place in my heart. Recently, I had the opportunity to capture a truly magical maternity session. The atmosphere was filled with relaxation, love, and pure joy. Christina, the radiant maternity mama, effortlessly posed and allowed me to capture her beautiful bump. Additionally, I had the pleasure of capturing heartwarming dad and daughter shots, showcasing the natural love and connection between them.

From the moment we began the maternity session, there was an air of relaxation and ease. Christina, the center of attention, exuded a natural grace and confidence. It was evident that she embraced her pregnancy journey with love and excitement. Her genuine smile and serene presence set the tone for the entire session, creating a harmonious atmosphere where beautiful moments could unfold.

Posing can sometimes feel forced or unnatural, but that was not the case with Christina. She effortlessly moved from one pose to another, allowing me to capture her radiant glow and the beauty of her growing bump.

During this maternity session, I had the opportunity to capture not only Christina’s journey but also the loving connection between her and her partner. The dad and daughter shots were filled with tenderness and affection, capturing the essence of their bond. It was heartwarming to witness their interactions—laughter, gentle touches, and shared anticipation for the arrival of their little one.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this session was the genuine authenticity that permeated every photograph. There were no forced smiles or contrived poses—just raw, pure emotions. Christina, her partner, and their daughter embraced the moment with open hearts, allowing their love and connection to shine through each image.


I’m Christina, a lifestyle, maternity, and family photographer in the East Bay Area. As your photographer, my goal is to document your family’s REAL story and honest emotions. I want to capture genuine smiles, silly laughter, and even those sassy moments that your toddler might have! If you are searching for a heavily posed session, I’m not your person. If you want to have fun, possibly rock out to some music, and have a stress-free session, I am most definitely your person!